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The Mac is Not a Typewriter pdf free
The Mac is Not a Typewriter pdf free

The Mac is Not a Typewriter by Robin Williams

The Mac is Not a Typewriter

The Mac is Not a Typewriter pdf

The Mac is Not a Typewriter Robin Williams ebook
ISBN: 9780201782639
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Format: pdf
Page: 96

Mac is not a typewriter, The (2nd Edition) book download Download Mac is not a typewriter, The (2nd Edition) Punctuation and grammar. Check out the book the “Mac is not a Typewriter.” There is also a PC version of the book. YA-- Using 19 short lessons, this concise, simple style manual directs a Macintosh user on how to produce professional quality manuscripts. I would suggest reviewing and moving on to Robin Williams' “The Mac is Not a Typewriter” for background. Despite the intricate differences between iPhone 5 and other touch screen devices, touch for a Mac is not a good idea. Go buy Navigating an iPhone or iPad is easy with touch. Years ago some one wrote a book called the MAC is not a typewriter because people kept up their “good” typing habits (my mom taught typing for many years) such as inserting 2 spaces after a period. The romance of the typewriter is back — you try dozens of keyboards and you buy the one that just feels right to you, and then you use that keyboard with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, even a Windows PC. They are easy to type on a Mac on all applications: Option-dash for en dash and Shift-Option-dash for em dash. "put a double space at the end of a sentence" is a typing "rule", not a grammar rule. Simply shrinking a typewriter keyboard down for a tiny touch screen may not be the most efficient way to type, especially one-handed. My favorite computer is my electronic typewriter. Posted by: Mike Saffran | August 15, 2010 5:56 PM. Sure it's got less computational grunt than the trackball on my Mac, which puts it marginally ahead of the abacus, but it does what it does and does it well. Robin Williams, an expert in the field of document design and the author of The Mac is not a Typewriter and the Non-Designer's series, spends a great amount of time trying to get this message out to writers and editors. Recommended reading: The Mac Is Not a Typewriter (or The PC Is Not a Typewriter—depending upon your persuasion).